Remembering 9\11

I remember when I saw the live coverage of what was happening in my livingroom pregnant with my second child thinking to myself what will become of the future for our children, what will they have left after this. I was jaw dropped shocked as I watched the live feed, scared, heart broken and speechless.

I could not understand the full scope of what was happening as I watched. It just didn’t register fully in my mind the consequences or fathom the full scope of what this whole thing meant for all of us as human beings, as a species or as people and whole communities.

I am proud of the people who stepped forward to help those in need during the 9\11 crisis. All the police officers, the firemen, the help from our country, the rescue workers, the medics, hospitals, all of them. My heart will remember all of the people who were affected by this and cherish those who helped bring about change within this crisis. To the people who parished not in vain but untimely and unjustly. To those affected by the people who passed away and to everyone who went through 9\11 in their own ways all over the world. From my heart to yours, I will always remember this day as a time of pain and heartbreak but one that changed the scope of our lives in many profound ways that still affects us even 7 years later. You will not be forgotten, you did not die in vain.

Je Me Souviens, I Will Remember!


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