Kirby Tombstone

Here is the photographic proof of the tombstone of Selina on Kirby Rd in Maple, Ontario. Look for further updates as I research the databases for Selina and the history of the tombstone and her own history. As soon as I find out more details of this I will let you all know. A very interesting find indeed. Rest In Peace Selina.


4 Responses to “Kirby Tombstone”

  1. andreaski Says:

    Where is this? We checked out the location but couldn’t find the tombstone. Could you say where it is specifically?

    • I’m sorry, as someone asked before all I was able to give was the general location. I’ve not been there myself and if I had would not be able to tell my way out of a wet paper bag. What directions are there are what I have. It’s, predictably, difficult to find and just keep trying. Sorry, that wasn’t much of an answer was it.

  2. Hi,

    I was curious if you ever found out any more information about Selina?

    Could you shoot me an email?

    • Never found out anything else about Selina. I did talk to a guy who had found the news article about the family. It was a car accident on Kirby. Her sister, her and a friend. I believe it’s linked in an update on here.

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