Tuesday Toot

Well, I toot to the sound of a Nissan King Cab Truck horn! After struggling to sell the king cab for two weeks, my husband was just about ready to give up. Guess who sold the King Cab today? Yup, lil’ wifey just sold the truck about 40 minutes ago for 500 bucks! Hubbs was ready to take a hit and pull parts off of the truck and scrap it for 250 bucks. Pffft, I say I go into vehicle sales or something, buddy will be back to take little old Nemo the Nissan (yes, yes he does name his vehicles, Corey the Caravan for instance and Patrick the Pathfinder). Good, I could use the cash right now that’s for sure. Weeeeee, look at me go with my bad ass selling self!

Meep!!! Meep!!! *lol*


One Response to “Tuesday Toot”

  1. Hope you took your BIG cut of that sale!! I say 90% Commission MINIMUM!

    Farrah from http://www.wifeandmomof3.net

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