Kirby Road Interest

I know there isn’t a lot of information floating about out there on Kirby road and the legends of Kirby. Even the history of Kirby Road is pretty limited without old school footwork (library, architectual histories or micro fiche). I’ve been getting a few comments wanting more information about the locations. Urban Exploration Resource has some information on the Hell House but not on the other house.

Unfortunately, it seems the other house (the one without the tombstone on the other side of Kirby from the Hell House) has been demolished. They made haste with demolishing the smaller house and barn and I was told that the back of the main house (last visit by a family member) had been ripped down and it looked like they were getting ready to rip the rest apart.

If you want information please feel free to leave a comment on this post asking for the specific information or leave your email in your post and I will email you as soon as possible. I am open to answering any question I may have the answer to and I will tell you if I don’t have the answer.


3 Responses to “Kirby Road Interest”

  1. hernandez12 Says:

    hey once again i messaged u in another post because i want more information on the kirby house and the exact location my email is and i want more info

    Thanks :D:)

  2. gonnagetuhigh Says:

    I would definitley love more info. i’m planning on going there soon and would like to hear some more. I don’t really want to leave my email on here though, is there another way?

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