A Special Place in my Heart

There is a special place in my heart for certain people. A certain type of people to be exact. That mom who offers a helping hand, the construction guy who holds the door open for someone struggling with a stroller and smiles at mom and nods. The mom who offered me a double stroller yesterday…

It’s not often you see that kind of generous selfless type of people anymore, especially the ones who out of the blue offer you something or help without a look of expectation for something back. It people like that that hold a special place in my heart. A place of respect and gratitude. Even if I deflect the offer kindly with a no thank you I am still grateful for that offer being made in the first place.

I am pleased to see that it’s not all “how may I judge you” society and there are pockets of “how may I help you” people still living in our dog eat dog world with silent, glaring judgment ripping through our society like a cancer. There are actually still people out there that give of themselves in the most selfless and giving ways. Whether it be small or big – selfless acts of kindness are still flourishing in a society deadend to the act of helping hand by dog eat dog mentality. It amazes and awes me that it flourishes like a single flower in a raging storm, determined and hard willed to survive no matter what happens. To all the selfless and kind hearted helpers of our world – Thank You!


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