Bell Canada

I sent an email to all of the heads of the departments of Bell Canada. Still no reply from them, none. They are ignoring me so now I’m making the email public. Maybe now they might actually do something about my problems that they caused? I doubt it but possibly, maybe…when pigs fly.

The Email:

On September 24th, the family member who lived with us, Mark xxxx(account associated with 905-xxx-xxxx or b1xxxxxx) called to cancel his services. He was canceling his services due to a move back to his home town. As he was canceling his services he told the customer representative that another family member would like to either transfer these services to their name or create a new account in their name for the same address. That person was me. I specifically requested to keep the original phone number, mimic the original account (that was in Mark’s name) for the new account and to have One Bill services for all three services (phone, internet, television). I was told this was fine, however, the equipment had to be swapped out because the equipment was associated with his banking information and name. I agreed to this as I can see that problems can arise with interruptions of services and mistakes made with banking information.

I was told I could keep the same phone number and services would begin in my name on Oct 6th while his services would be canceled for Oct 26th.Now the first problem, which turned out not to be all that bad of a problem, was the change of phone number without my knowledge despite being told that I could keep the original phone number. The second problem came about when I inquired about a 4th service to add to my One Bill, Bell Mobility. It was said that the account registered as having Express Vue and the phone services on the One Bill but not the Internet. I was livid and emailed back with information that it was suppose to be One Bill for all services. That issue is also fixed, it registers as all three services on one bill.

I called tech services for a connectivity issue on the 1st or 2nd of Oct. They decided to send a tech out to check the lines (4th of Oct). I asked specifically for line care. The tech stated that line care was not present on the account and he refused to step foot into the house. He checked the lines from outside the house and stated there was a short in one of the lines. We unplugged everything from the jacks and proceeded through a process of elimination and found the line that was supposedly “shorted out”. Turns out it was a feedback and reverse polarity on the lines which we found out through troubleshooting the problem ourselves with our own equipment (a simple line tester that came with a package of phone line and conjunction box replacement for the “shorted out” line).

I still have connectivity issues. I cannot hang up my phone and keep my modem online at the same time. I reboot the modem 4 to 5 times a day, lose connectivity 9 to 10 times a day and sometimes up to 2 to 3 hours at a time.

A tech came before this to deliver a modem. I requested the information for the new account (b1 login and password) he stated he did not have that information with him. How am I suppose to use my internet without my login information? I said I have a working modem here, he said why do you need another one then. I stated the CSR said that all equipment must be swapped out for the new account. He said you have a working modem and walked back to his car and left.

Today (Oct 21) I accessed the Tech Chat for Internet and asked Nalia to help me with my connectivity issues, explained everything that happened and she proceeded to provide me with my account login and password. I asked when the account was suppose to be activated and she stated Nov 1st. I requested and was met with Oct 6th as activation date. She proceeded to tell me to input my account information into the modem via IP access. I did so and lost connection with her.

This is when I decided to call 310 Bell. I contacted the accounts department and spoke with a CSR there, relayed my complete problematic history to her ad nauseum at this point and beyond irate. I asked her why would I wait a whole month for connection and activation for an account when I requested no service interruptions? She proceeded to apologize then asked me for my information for my account and I gave it to her. She stated we could do next day services at a cost of 59.99 to me, why would or should I have to pay for someone else who made a mistake? I asked her this much and she said the only other option is to bump the Nov 1st activation to Tuesday next week. Unacceptable!

I have an at home graphics design company with high profile clients. I will lose clients if this happens. My business is based on being available to my clients 24\7 – 365 days a year at all costs online, offline and in person. I begrudgingly took the next day services but I should not have to pay for this service considering it was not my mistake that caused the issues in the first place. I will not pay for someone elses mistakes.

You want to keep me as a customer? Fix these problems, remove the 59.99 charge for next day services (to which the tech is not installing the modem, I am doing it myself – I have a bachelors in telecommunications\networking\server and client side computer repairs I don’t need help from your technician to install a modem).

I also called Sympatico tech support for the same connectivity issues. Since I am getting the modem tomorrow we have determined that the new modem will test our theory that the current modem is faulty. We’ll see about that tomorrow. Considering I have to leave my phone off the hook to have connectivity with my modem and every time I hang up my phone my modem drops off the network I feel getting the modem tomorrow should not cost me a dime.

I am beyond disappointed in your customer service, services and very disgusted in the way I’ve been treated. Your employees have zero customer service skills and communication skills. It’s pathetic how lacking the communication skills and listening skills have been. If you want customer loyalty in this market where you have multiple competitors (Rogers for example, which I am seriously considering switching to because of all of this) you need to train your CSR’s and employees better than that.

The only TWO employees\CSR’s that remotely gave any good service to me where the Tech today with Sympatico Tech line and the installer for Express Vue. I’ve been speaking to 9 different employees and out of that 9 only 2 did their job satisfactorily or even bothered to listen adequately and had proper communication\listening skills. Those are horrible customer service rates, that does not get you customer loyalty.

I also doubt that getting an email back from Sympatico tech services a week after saying come to tech chat to get your problem (connectivity problem no less) helps much with my feelings of “customer loyalty”. Your company has issues that need resolving. You are not a “monopoly” in the telecommunications market anymore, start acting like it and no wonder you are bleeding off so many customers every year. Your company is unbelievable in how it treats its customers.

It’s a shame because I enjoy your services when they are working well and like the idea of a One Bill.Thank you for your time, I expect an answer back by end of week. If not, I think Rogers may be better able to service me.

Natural Mama

Yesterday the tech came to drop off the modem, again Bell CSR’s have no communication or listening skills. I told the CSR on Tuesday that I did not need help installing a modem. I’m not tech stupid. In fact, I am extremely tech savvy (for a girl some would say). The tech yesterday was “surprised” that he was just dropping it off…I, of course am  just more irate now.Not only is that a problem but it appears they have left me with a modem that was suppose to be mailed to another customer of theirs and it contains on the top of the box the other customer’s name, address, account number and account reference numbers. Now that I call a fuck up in the variety of major! I wonder if the wrong box was handed to another customer and now my name and address and account number lay in the hands of another person???What the fuck is wrong with Bell Canada? I’ll tell you – they still act and think like a sole monopoly company in a market that now competes heavily with them. The first year the market went competitive they bled off 400,000 customers due to their rates, crappy services and even crappier customer services. It seems the moment there was another company around to provide the same services the customers were running from Bell Canada like it was a sinking ship on fire.In the face of a recession, economic slow down and a possibly dying stock market Bell wants to still act like a monopoly? They have no concept of what customer loyalty means – none. Tomorrow is the deadline for a response, maybe Bell’s head honchos should start caring? Like I said, maybe….when pigs fly.


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