Two Updates

First – Thank you to Mr. Lafontaine at Bell Canada. Not only did he resolve my issues but he gave me what I didn’t ask for. Compensation for my problems. Now all my issues are resolved and I have restored faith in a company that has been around the block for a very long time. Mr. Lafontaine from Bell Canada’s head office treated me with dignity, respect and patience. He treated me the way a customer of Bell is suppose to be treated. I appreciate all that he has done to resolve my issues and make me want to stay loyal to Bell Canada!

Second update:

That lovely mama from school passed along her double stroller through another mama (the local mama who finds new homes for baby and kidlet stuff that other families no longer need). As well as another mama who gave me a bunch of girls clothing the same day. I traded my single stroller with the other mama for the double stroller. I wanted to pay it forward and make sure that if I received I would also be giving back. Thank you to all three mamas, your kindness does not go unnoticed!


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