Autistic Child On The Go

I had been conferring with my 3 year old’s doctor about her on the go habits for some time now. How she runs on fumes and never seems to sleep. She flooded my basement just three days ago while we slept at 430 in the morning – the water was from our main floor bathroom and from the sink that requires piping work to be done. We had resorted to child safety door knob covers on her door to keep her in at night because we were afraid she would walk right out the front door, start a fire or (like she did the other night) flood the house. On top of this we also resorted to a baby gate across the doorway of her bedroom. Neither work anymore.

The doctor in conjunction with the nateropath have suggested melatonin tabs. They both gave me the proper dosages for her size and weight. We hadn’t picked it up for months thinking maybe changes in our routines and the way our behavior toward her might help. None of it did so we decided to, with the blessings of 2 doctors, resort to the melatonin tabs after all.

Well let me tell you, this stuff works. I can tell when she hasn’t taken it already because she resorts back to the sleepless nights (like last night) if she is not given the herbal. I cannot believe how much it has been effective in helping her mellow out for bedtime routine and calm down quite a bit. Now the GP (regular doctor) said it probably wouldn’t work and it was relatively harmless to try it as long as she is not on any other western medications or herbals like bach flower essence (which we did try but was fruitless in calming her down much before bedtime).

I don’t like medications which is quite a contradictory statement from me as I’ve been on anti-depressants for 5 years and counting. If you need, you need it. This alternative suits us better because I don’t like ritalin or it’s derivitives and neither does her father because he was on it and it zombified him as a kid and stunted his growth causing him to fear the side effects of this drug and it’s derivitives for his children. It’s a nice little compromise for us being natural family living parents and non-plussed with the pharmaceutical companies.

I’m glad it’s still available for us to use and try considering that Canadian Governments are trying to outlaw the use of homeopathic alternatives here. It will soon be criminal to offer, sell or dose oneself and their family members with homeopathic alternatives.

The Schedule restricts the use of the title “homeopath” to members of the College. No person other than a member may hold themselves out as qualified to practise as a homeopath or in a specialty of the profession. Anyone who contravenes these restrictions is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a maximum fine of $25,000 for a first offence and a maximum fine of $50,000 for a second or subsequent offence.


Now, that piece right there in the new Homeopathy Act 2007 can be read to include, in grey areas, parents that use homeopathic alternatives. Where is the right in that, the rights of the people are being trampled in this Bill 171 to chose an alternative as our Charter of Rights deems we are capable of doing. Mind you, I consulted a nateropath and general practitioner about the alternatives I am using with my autistic daughter. Technically, I’m going about it legally but there are plenty of homeopathic stores out there where, without a perscription, one could obtain the homeopathics they wanted and researched about without consulting a doctor.

How many people do this? Plenty, I use essence of bach flower with my anti-depressants at time of need for calming down in stressful situations. Again, I did consult the proper professionals because using an herbal with a westernized medication can be dangerous if you are not careful. Cross reactions can be and are deadly in the right circumstances. Again, how many people do go out to a health food store or homeopathic store and just start using the products they researched and heard about – plenty of people, too many people.

I understand and see where the government is coming from but they need to be much more specific with who they can fine and how they can fine the person. What constitutes “practising” without a license? Buying melatonin tabs at a health food store under the directions of two doctors and then giving them to a child with specific orders from those doctors? Does this constitute practising without a license? Despite the recommendations of a general practitioner and a nateropath? Even though there is no “perscription” paperwork just a suggestion. Does that make me look like I’m practising without a license? It’s too vague and too encompassing and general to be effective for legislation.

I hope that they do end up making it more specific and much less vague. It needs to be for the sake of those of us who use a combination of western medicine and homeopathic medicines.


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