Governments, Schools & Life

Warning: Full Steam Ahead Rant Beyond This Sentence!

I seriously don’t understand why the Canadian government has to be so difficult when it comes to their own home grown Canadian citizens. It literally takes mounds of paperwork and proof to ask for help from this government. They send you to the wrong department, 3 hours of paperwork and a waste of time just to be told you make too much but still make too little at the same time.

I feel …frustrated with this government that will pour billions into immigrants pockets with new housing, monetary help, social services and the likes. Now, by no means am I a racist – I never have been and never will be. My religion (pagan) prompts me to treat all others equally and in fact plenty of my friends are Muslims, Black, White and all in between but sometimes this Canadian government makes me feel like I have to be an immigrant to be worthy of asking for help from social services that tout the all encompassing “our beliefs and motives state that ALL people are entitled to getting help” but in a second breath it’s “you have to qualify”.

And boy when they mean qualify, they sure mean hours and hours of prooving that you qualify. Mounds of paperwork, tons of photocopying, paystubs, account balances, van payments proof, you name it – they require it.

Now honestly, I understand that. Really I do, but why after giving all of this they turn around and say well you were eligable BUT you don’t qualify. 2000 dollars more than their annual max income allowable is what we are over with. Yet, I sit here with 5 children who are about to loose their home, their ability to see in the dark (electric) and possibly their ability to stay warm if the landlord does take pity on us (which he has to this point) and the gas company decides enough is enough.

What am I suppose to do with a “you are eligable but don’t qualify” statement. Yes we want to help you but no we won’t because we don’t care is what that says. The government moans and groans about their homeless people issues that are tabled at parliment every damned month and yet they string people along then cut them down at the knees. Need help now, sorry you have lots of red tape to get through first then we can possibly help. Getting cut off for electric today, sorry you still have to get through our red tape first – they simply only care about beaurocracy and red tape procedures.

As for schools, no nit policies, wtf is that? It’s a lack of understanding the entomological data on pediculosis, that’s what that is. They state the no nit policy does not isolate children from their peers but protects everyone all around. BS..big honking steaming pile of BS. Of course it isolates them from their peers, it shows them they aren’t wanted because they have a problem with the big bad and ugly head louse. Children are savvy, smart and very aware of the type of isolation and targeting this policy of no nit business creates.

Take for example my 3 school aged children. They have, at least this is how it feels, been targeted all year this year for head lice. Being “randomly” checked for it at intervals while those who are reinfecting others (without itching symptoms) go unchecked and untouched because they no longer do full classroom head checks. I do the treatments, I do the house, I do everything and each and every time they get “randomly” targeted at the school I am called and told to come get them. I’m tired of it to the point I am considering homeschooling because of it. They have missed more school due to this no nit policy than they have been at school. I homeschool when they are absent so I might as well homeschool full time since it seems I am the one paying tax dollars to ultimately school my own children.

I got so peeved this time around that I fired off an email to the school board about it and “informed” them of their misgivings of the entomological data of pediculosis. I’ve dealt with this issue for so long now that I can basically say I am a pediculosis entomologist in some ways.

It takes me a whole week to get the whole infestation under control and remedied. The school gets mad at me for their lack of attendance for it. What do they want from me? I can’t crap out a quick remedy otherwise my financial issues would be resolved if I could. I’d be damned well rich if I could crap out a remedy that works within minutes. No nit policies suck.

As for life, pfft…I don’t need sex, life screws me over whenever it can. I’m a scoliosis patient, a fibromayalgia patient and I have oddities like congenital cataracts, xyphoid process defects (no sternum bone), possibly rip tip syndrome and some other rib issue. I’m not a model of perfect health, far from it actually. I can’t work except at home doing graphics design and even that isn’t working out all the greatest. No income from that despite my bachelors in hyper multimedia design, IT and networking. Sorry, a pair of boobs and box can’t do a man’s job I’m told… screw you people, I can run circles around the best of the IT techs out there because I am the best!

If I want a job I’m forced into the service industry (I hate working for tim horton’s and I couldn’t anyways with the fibromayalgia – too much strain on the body) or the customer service industry (did that, not liking that idea, freaking people are mean to CSR’s because they can hide behind a telephone and not be face to face) or worse yet things like waitressing, bartending (this one I would love to but again fibromite here, no go) or piddly arsed jobs no one else wants for way less than I am worth. I have a frigging bachelors here, parents spent over 10 G for it and I spent 3.5 years of my life attaining this accomplishment. A big F-U to all those archaic, sexist A-Holes who don’t think a pair of boobies and box can do it too. (that last line actually made me giggle).

What really gets me is that people don’t realize I have a brain, I’m not just a mom of 5 wonderful but chaotically active kidlets here. I am more than just the sum of mother, I am a person, a woman and a human being. My health may not be the greatest, my kidlets are my light and life but I am me as well.


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