Daily Dealings

Well, my battle of the buggie dirvish is almost over. The kids are clear of the head lice issue but I’ll take the weekend to make sure that they are for sure clear of it.

The secretary from the school called today to offer a bit of an olive branch toward me for attitude that was pulled on the Monday. While I understand her being upset about her not being able to reach us while we were out I didn’t appreciate the attitude that was given. There are ways to convey how one is upset over an issue without being mean about it.

I accepted the olive branch because I know she really does care for the kids in the school, including mine and it can be frustrating for her. I’m still not particularly impressed with the attitude that was displayed but we are all human.

As for financial issues, we have an appointment to see the homelessness prevention program case worker to start a paper trail with them and work out what we can do and what we cannot do with them. Hopefully, this will help us get back on our feet and give us a working budget that will facilitate the goals of getting our finances in order. The other case worker from Ontario Works has stalled off our electric company for us it seems, so no cut off of electric for us for now. Hopefully this is a good sign for us, it sure does seem like it.

I’m experiencing a particularly bad flare up of fibromayalgia today. My back and arms are just screaming bloody murder. More so my back and it’s quite painful to sit here while I mosey my way to all of my Internet haunts. I’ve been working on charity graphics from a forum board holiday helper service from Christmas. I have deadlines and it’s the killer crunch time for them very soon.

I’ll manage as usually I do. I am also writing a novel with a very dear friend to me who is another author and fibromite like me. We’ve been pounding out the chapters together at a very fast rate. He’s awesome and I liken him to being the brother I never had when growing up. I’ve always wanted a big brother and he is definitely it.

Hubbs is working as usual, the kidlets are all bouncy, vibrant and chaotic today. I’m feeling okay today, much better than yesterday that’s for sure. Smiling a bit and thinking about the good stuff instead of the bad.


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