Update To A Rant

You remember this rant a few days back? The Governments, Schools & Life?

Here’s the update:

Ontario Rent Bank Network

They work, and it’s worth it. If you are a person who needs help call these people up and ask for help. They can cover up to two months of rental or mortgage arrears and utilities (Hydro, Gas, Water. Possibly Phone). On Wednesday they, particularly the case worker working with us, were kind enough to pay our Hydro company the arrears we had. They covered our rental arrears as well yesterday and will be dealing with the gas company by Monday or Tuesday.

We had had a snaffu with our accountant and got cut off for our child benefits for 3 months causing us to fall behind in everything and go into survival mode playing float the bills for the last 6 months. It finally became way too much for us to handle because honestly we were living those 3 months without our child benefits as if we were. We lived outside our means and it was honestly our fault for doing so. The blame is not solely on our accountant or losing our benefits due to that snaffu in accounting and income taxes.

It is a harsh reality that slapped us hard but we’re getting through it as best we can. We now can claw our way back out of the money pit we have created with the help that this program provided. I am thankful for the help and the fact that we do have this available to us. If it weren’t for the accidental finding of this program, we’d be without heat, electricity and homeless by now. To all the case workers that work in this department dealing with utility companies and landlords at their wits ends and not so happily nice – I salut you! You are selflessly acting in the kindness of your hearts to help families step it up a notch and get back to where they need to be without complaint, without judgement and with compassion.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we realize that pride has nothing to do with the situation and that everyone needs a helping hand at times. I am a prideful person, I have a hard time putting out a hand to ask for help but sometimes our pride must be set aside for the greater good of our children and ourselves to garner the help that we may need. There is never anything wrong with needing help to make it better for yourself. Harsh moments are only that, a moment and it will pass with the right steps taken to help it pass quickly. Be proactive about your situations, especially in these trying economic times. You are not alone, there are many people who are seeking help and need it.

To those families who are stuggling and to those people who need a helping hand, I salut you as well. It is not an easy task to admit inability to help yourself and needing help from someone else. Don’t give up, don’t shut down – there is always hope to be had!


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