Low Cost, Low Budget Recipes

I am a stickler for low costing recipes that don’t eat up my grocery budget. Why should I have to pay 20 dollars for a family of 7 to eat for one night? If I wanted to do that I’d hit up Little Ceasar’s Pizza every night. Here are two really good recipes for a low cost and tight budget. That’s two nights of meals for the week plus left overs for lunches the next day. In total 4 individual meals for the cost of two.



1 brick of cheese (I get these when they are sale for 4.44 a brick – no name Equality brand)

4 pkgs of 10 tortillas or you can make your own with this recipe.

Canola Oil

Tools of the meal:

Frying pan, spatula, bowl, big plate and cheese grater.

Add on splurge: El Paso Spicey Ranch sauce

Instructions: Grate the cheese into the bowl, pre-heat pan on stove top while you are doing this at medium-high. Once pre-heated pan is ready 2 teaspoons of canola oil go in. Let the oil heat up then slap that first tortilla in there, put a handful of grated cheese on top and if you’ve splurged on the ranch sauce, add that on top too. Put the second tortilla on top, let the bottom one bubble then flip and cook the other side. Take out of pan and place on plate to cool, slap husband’s hand away to keep him from stealing first one before you. Repeat until done with all packages of tortillas.

Serve and enjoy. If you want to add a low cost meat to your recipe I recommend chicken breast or chicken legs that you can debone yourself.  Cube it up, add it in.

Mac & Cheese Casserole


1 can of no name brand tomato juice

1 pkg of macaroni noodles (no name again)

1 brick of cheese (again, I buy these on sale at 4.44 a brick)

Tools of the meal:

Tin pan, spoon, cheese grater, pot, bowl

Add on Splurge: Garlic bread, texas toast style.

Instructions: Set a pot to boil for the macaroni and grate the cheese into a bowl. Once macaroni is done, toss it in the tin pan and add 3\4 of the can of tomato juice and the grated cheese. Stir in the cheese and tomato sauce and set the oven to 180C. Cook casserole for 15 to 25 minutes depending on your preferences. If you’ve splurged, follow instructions on the garlic bread package.

I’dd be adding more later on like Sheppard’s Pie and Veggie & Tuna cassaroles. Enjoy!


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