Directions to Kirby Road Houses

It’s Kirby Rd between Weston Rd and the 400 series. It is East of Weston Rd. If you are taking Weston Rd north you turn right and if it’s south you turn left. Go under the 400 series and it’s the first house on the left.

A lot of people have been asking for the directions as of late so here they are in all their glory (if directions could be glorified). If you have the Google earth program you can actually see the Kirby Rd houses on the satalite pictures that it produces. Again in point form the directions are:

1. 400
2. Major Mac west
3. Weston Rd N
4. Right turn on Kirby Rd
5. First house on the left after passing under the 400 series.

Happy ghostie hunting folks!


12 Responses to “Directions to Kirby Road Houses”

  1. is this place still legit?

    • Yes, it is still legit. The barns are what you see first. The two houses are tucked to the right, in the bushes and over grown. As you are walking down the path that was a drive way at one point the two houses will be on your right, the first barn on your left and the smaller barn will be down a path from the first, tucked to the back.

  2. and i’m not seeing a house on google earth..

  3. wait is it a bunch of buildings like barns? thats the only houses on the left

  4. is the house torn down? because thats what ive read

  5. unity04 Says:


    I followed your directions and came to a problem

    I looked it up on Google Maps and according to your directions, the first house(s) on the left is an area visited daily by cars. If you continue past it however, you come to maybe where you have been.

    Before the 400 Series, on the left right before it, there is a small hill with a road leading up it with some farms and houses. That’s before it though.

    All this is done North of Weston Road, right onto Kirby, East on kirby under the 400series

    If you could provide any clarification that’d be great

  6. We Went there, Did Not See A thing!!! Any know if this was torn down?

  7. I followed your directions to the kirby road tombstone and didn’t find it after much searching but after mapping it and locating it I realized your directions are wrong. So I created and posted below a map with directions to selina’s tombstone here’s the link to the map:

    • Those directions were for the houses rather than the stone but much appreciated that you mapped it out for everyone! Great work, thank you Tazf18!!!

      • actually i am right “x” marks the spot and that is almost exactly where it is maybe off by a foot or so MAXIMUM i have been there more than once and if you google that address and go to street view on it u will see it in the photo taken by google street maps.

      • On the map tazf18 posted, where is the house? I still cannot find it. I am a few years late so maybe renovations have occurred. Thank you.

      • Unfortunately, you are a few years late. One one end of Kirby the farm house and barn were being renovated but from what I heard there was a sudden shift in renovations and the owner tore everything down. No other information for that house. The other end with the rumour of KKK involvement (the two houses and barn) it was all torn down. Sorry you missed it by a few years.

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