Well, it’s been months since I’ve posted and now it seems I’m on a posting roll here. First off, we’ve moved to Elliot Lake, Ontario (have I mentioned that already?). It’s my husband’s hometown and something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. It was also the most disorganized, wildest and wackiest move we’ve ever done.

Started with coming up for a weekend to settle on a place to live, set up services and get ready for the big move. Turns out our van decided nuh-uh I am not a happy van. We blew our tranny on the way up and it took 2 weeks to rebuild the darn thing – what a riot that was. After rebuilding our tranny the dealership decided to be sneaky about bashing our back bumper in but we fixed that ourselves.

Now that we’re settling into the winter months and all the kids are either at school or daycare I have some time to blog while working from home too. I got accepted to the self employment program for Ontario Works, hubby is back in the towing industry and working full time and the kids are thriving much better here with faster services (for our oldest and 4 yr old) than in the city.

School is okay, I’m not a fan of some of their policies but we’re working on it and they do have some great programs for the kids like snack program and one on one help from a special ed teacher. I’ve been building my client base and my business for the last six or seven months now and we’re going strong so far.

Other than that, we’re getting by slow and steady.


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