Christmas Goodies & Badies

Well, kids had a great time getting everything they wanted for Christmas (okay, not everything but they are still happy). We went frugal this year and took quality over quantity. They were happy with their leapster games, pogo hand held games, board games and their Auntie and Uncle from Niagara surprised them with a Wii Sport for Christmas.

The only thing that disappointed me was poor Hubby not getting the pre-amp and amp he wanted. It’s a whole sorted fiasco on how that happened but it’s still a bit of a tear jerker to watch him have to suffer like that. We now have a mess to clean up with that and friendships to repair with the neighbor who was working for the store that sold it to us but never followed through. We’re not angry with him, just disappointed it happened. I feel bad for the neighbor, he’s going through a very rough period of his life right now and their family is like family to us – we cry with them, laugh with them, hurt and are happy with them. I worry about them as if she is my sister and he is my brother, as does Hubby.

We’ll work it out, we always do.

I got my Wacom Tablet (Bamboo Touch Pen) would have liked to get the pen & touch but a little pricey for the time being. It’s an interesting alternative to the mouse peripheral. Takes some getting used to but it’s an amazing little invention. I’m thoroughly enjoying it though it still does make me feel a little guilty about Hubby’s predicament. A Nikko 450 does not come along very often at all, it’s one of his dream amps.

This is the first year our bills are paid while Christmas is covered. We put ourselves on a 1200 dollar budget and I managed to keep it 250 under the budget. Hubby expressed a materialistic desire to provide more for the kids for Christmas, I do too but quality is what counts both in presence of their parents and presents under the tree. I think the kids don’t really care how much they get honestly, only that they are with us and they get at least something to represent a tradition that humans have been practicing for centuries. It’s funny how we are all indoctrinated into the commercialization of togetherness by big corporate companies trying to make a buck and pass a buck. It started with the Romans way back when, weeks of festivities and gift giving in a Roman-Pagan tradition replaced by Christians with Christmas then ultimately taken advantage of by Big Corp industries. The materialistic “keeping up with the Jonses” so to speak.

The commercials geared straight at the young kids, pretty twinkling packaging to catch the eye of a toddler and make them grab it off the shelf as mommy and daddy shop. The gimme gimmes perpetuated by corporations is very sickening, especially in a time where togetherness should be about people and not money. The drive to have bigger, better, faster, more and more is disheartening. Parents chatting about what their kids have that is better than the other parent’s kids have, the pushing and shoving for the last model on the shelf. It’s depressing.

I live by a simple formula in life. Can’t buy groceries if you don’t have a house, can’t cook groceries if you don’t have electricity, can’t work if you don’t have clothes and can’t pay for necessities if you can’t work.


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