The Dog Is Addicted…

… To Tim Horton’s coffee. It’s pathetic really, he won’t drink home brew coffee. Yes, I’m aware that thorbomine is toxic to dogs too, that’s why he doesn’t get it often anymore. However, at one point in my ignorance of this fact, we have in the past had to buy him his own small Timmies when we get ours and bring it home or when he’s out and about with us in the vehicle. He is so thoroughly addicted that he chest bumps our knees, sniffs the top of the coffee cups and has even tried to drool on them to make us give them up to him.

He has the tactile ability to pick up the Timmies cups and move them with just his mouth back and forth where ever he goes. It’s almost comical because he’s so gentle with the cup, so lovingly places it where ever he wants to drink it at and then knocks it over on purpose to get at the contents of the cup where he prefers to drink it from (usually my wood floors or if outside, of all places, in the grass). He’s an odd ball of a dog, very huge personality.


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