Tomorrow is D-Day

D-Day as in Dental Day. I finally have the approval of a program to get my dental work done. It’s been a rough 6 or so years with the dental issues I’ve had. I have a lot of work to do and a lot of lost time to oral hygiene to make up for. I already had a wisdom tooth pulled out earlier this month. It was quite grotesque and I was so happy to have it done even though I have a dental work and dentist phobia. It was a lot less worse than anticipated. They say anticipation is worse than the act itself that you are anticipating and it’s definitely true.

So tomorrow, the whole upper row of teeth and any cavities on the bottom row will be dealt with. Finally, I will not be ashamed to smile anymore, I will be able to be pain free after 6+ long years of tolerating painful teeth every day. After that, the last three wisdom teeth will be pulled out as well. I need a cleaning and two more Xrays that were not approved by the program paying for my dental work to pay for but I’ll do the cleaning in the new year when the dental resets for the program in January.

I’ll take pictures of before and after for you all. Here’s a caveat for all of you – don’t ignore your dental needs and oral hygiene. The mouth is the gateway to all of your body, from immune system to blood, even your gut. Take care because rotting teeth and frequent infections from them can cause Mitral Valve Prolapse, Myocarditis, Ventricular Defribulation, Cardiac problems galore there. It can cause heart attacks, system sepsis and much more of the big bad nasties health wise. Be good to yourself and take care of your mouth – I’d hate for anyone else to go through the pain and suffering I’ve gone through over the years. I’d take natural child birth and c-sections over tooth pain related to decay and bad oral hygiene any day. That says a lot doesn’t it.


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