Daily Dealings

I figured I’d start up a daily post called Daily Dealings (DD). I figure some of the family members probably have discovered my blog at some point so it’s a good way to keep people updated.

Hubby works for Jessie’s Quality. Towing, plowing, sanding, Retirement Living work, recoveries, OPP pick ups and impounds. He’s a jack of all trades basically where he’s both commission work and on salary. It’s nice and he’s being compensated well in the paycheck department.

Big B is doing pretty good at school and is awaiting a tele-psych conference with the AFS for his ADHD and rage issues. He’s doing fairly well but we’ve discovered his impulse control problems are getting worse as each day passes by.

Bri is the type like my sister and dad – doesn’t need to crack open a text book at all – it just comes naturally to her. Her tests are always B+ to A+ and her report card was awesome. She’s adjusting well and doing even better as she goes along.

Braydzilla is ..well my Braydzilla. He’s a typical 6 year old bouncy boy. Not doing the greatest in school because of his shyness and lack of desire to communicate all that well. They’ve suggested an IEP (Integrated Education Plan) which we have whole heartedly accepted as a good tool to help him excel where he needs the help.

Brooke – picking up words fast at daycare and loving her daycare friends a lot. She was super excited to be back today after a week off for holidays. She’s doing phenomenally well and her little world is expanding by leaps and bounds.

Bry Bry is also striding forward in leaps and bounds. His sentences are expanding and he’s starting to become more and more clear in his speech. He’s healthy and happy and always on the go. My little buddha belly baby is going to be 3 in three months – already.

Myself, getting along slowly. Working from home at a snail’s pace but it’s still a pace instead of standing still. Getting my dental work taken care of, building a business plan to see if I can’t get a loan for capital and equipment from the local ELNOS who work with new businesses in the community. Getting there and getting more excited as each piece falls into to place. Right now I’m on holidays from the business but taking emergency emails or calls from clients. I have five clients at this point and for the new year have a goal of another 5 to 6 clients for the year at least.

The house is in a state of flux right now, you know those old holiday messes that just drive you bonkers. You clean, clean, clean but it looks like you haven’t somehow. The clutter is getting to me but I figure I might as well maintain some order and then do a deep clean after the kids get back to school full time. Trying to get back into the swing of things this week with the little ones going back to daycare but finding it difficult to do that just a bit. Especially because the little ones see that the older ones don’t have school so they kind of got upset this morning that they had to go but the older ones didn’t. As soon as they saw their friends and class room though they were all gun ho and happy again. Didn’t even cry at all when I left quietly. Just right back into it all happy like, hugging friends they missed and saying sweet little hellos to the ladies that work there. It was nice to see them smile with recognition and be so at ease even after a week of being away.

That’s it for the daily, at least today’s DD anyways. Today’s also Tuesday so don’t be surprised if you see a TT coming up on here later today (Tuesday Toot).


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