Numbed By Novocaine

Novocaine is an interesting medication. I’ve never had the experience of having it run further up my face than the upper lip. Today, after getting work done for the upper left teeth, I have the luxury of it affecting my upper lip, left nostril and left sinus as well as part of my nose.

It’s odd trying to breath through a nostril you can’t feel. Makes one appreciate what we take for granted. The ability to breath without having to think about it at all. I can say this though, Hillside Clinic and Doc L are awesome. They are the most sensitive, dedicated bunch of people in the dental industry I’ve ever met. Very professional and extremely personable too. I love those people, I shake Doc L’s hand every time he does work for me, he’s that good.

So this morning was a busy morning. Had the littles to drop off at daycare, the three older children are still off for holidays until the 4th of January and I had to bring them with me. They did awesome! Sitting in the waiting room with their leapsters and coloring books and they did so well while waiting for me to finish my appointment. I was so impressed that we hit the mall before we got home and I let them pick out a toy and treat for themselves to say thank you for being such great kids. They are growing up way to fast for me, it brings a bitter sweet sadness to my heart at times.

I have to admit, they know how to sit and wait with such great patience that they are better at than I am by a long shot. My kids never cease to both impress and amaze me.


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