Pipes A’Bursting

Well, turns out one of the main pipes burst in the townhouse complex we live in. This morning I was wondering why it looked like it was snow melting at an alarming rate in – 20 degrees Winter weather. It’s flowing at a very quick pace from the back of the parking lot, down the steps and into one of the run off drains a door down from me.

Incredibly icy and dangerous out there. This isn’t an uncommon happening in our cold Winters at all here in Elliot Lake, lots of people fall victim to bursting pipes from the sheer veracity of the cold. In fact, a couple of months ago my husband repaired a leaky basement for Retirement Living that I wouldn’t be surprised was because of last Winter’s cold causing the pipes to burst.

It’s collateral damage for living deep in a valley surrounded by numerous bodies of water while being this far up North. It’s something I think most people come to expect living here in Elliot Lake. It’s pretty bitterly cold today and I think we’re in store for more days of ferocious cold before it gets better.


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