Society for Animals in Distress

SAD is a local no kill shelter (the only one in Elliot Lake for shelters let alone the only no kill shelter that I know of in the Algoma district). I work for them pro bono as a graphics and Internet consultant for their online presence.

Last week we had a lovely local lady donate 5000 dollars to SAD – what a beautiful and generous thing to do and just in time for Christmas too. We currently are over run with cats and there have been a number of animals that are there that have been there for a very, very long time. Some of them for years at a time.

If you are local – consider adopting one of these beautiful shelter animals. They are all given their up to date shots, are spayed or neutered and in great health. Max, one of our dogs, has been there for quite a long time. Max is a lab cross breed that is great with kids, other animals and very playful despite being almost 5 years old. He’s been with the shelter since July 2009.

If you aren’t local – consider donating to SAD through Canada Helps online. We really could use your help with the shelter. It still needs to be finished off with paint for the kennels, food is always needed and veterinary care is not free for us. If you would like to help us help the animals you can go to Canada Helps and making a donation today. We’d really appreciate it greatly.

You can visit SAD at to check out what the next event is, look at our cats and dogs we shelter and see who sponsors us and what we are doing with the shelter.

Animal welfare has always been a passion of mine and I hope we can all come together to help those animals around us that need our help.


2 Responses to “Society for Animals in Distress”

  1. Well, bless you for caring about the animals! We currently have five dogs in our home and one cat. Four of them were kept out of shelters because we adopted them first, then I rescued one of them after someone dropped it off at the shelter. These animals are some of the best we’ve ever owned! They’re full of love and keep our spirits lifted. They each have their own personalities and get along so well with each other.

    • My husky\wolf hybrid is a rescue as well. Straight from the breeder. We were his fifth home and turned out to be his forever home. He’s the best fur baby I could ever have asked for. Thank you for the compliments, they are greatly appreciated.

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