Tuesday Toot MeMe

So what should I toot my horn to for Tuesday Toot?

Well, for one – it’s the first Christmas that the bills, rent and groceries are covered while Christmas is covered. No worrying about bills being over due, keeping within a budget and still having a nice Christmas holiday. I gave myself a budget of 1200 dollars for 7 people plus relatives and still kept the spending 250 under the budget. I’m really starting to get really good at this budgeting thing.

When they say practice makes perfect, they really mean it. It just takes getting used to keeping yourself on a budget. It took me years to realize that it’s not the amount or quantity that matters for Christmas but rather the quality of Christmas and the togetherness of it all.

For example – three years ago we spent 3000, two years ago we spent 5000, a year ago we spent 1500 and this year we did have a budget of 1200 but only spent 950. That is progress in leaps and bounds. It’s not just because of the recession or the economic crisis that we’ve learned to budget or bring our spending habits under control. It’s also a desire to build a savings, get our credit back on track and be responsible and smart about our spending habits. It’ll help teach our children how to budget and spend wisely when they enter society on their own devices. Children learn by example and mirroring us and our habits – better to teach them good habits that will help them excel and succeed in life.


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