Daily Dealings

Today was a fairly quiet day. Couldn’t really do much because I’ve been waiting all day for repair work to be completed on the main pipe that burst in our complex yesterday. They did a phenomenal job at getting it done as quickly as they could and without delay. Thank you George, you did great today and I’m glad the boys didn’t have to do this wet, nasty and dirty work in the dank, hard cold of usual. It was only -1 C today as compared to yesterday’s double high 20’s digits in the minus persuasion.

Luckily for me, I did a whack load of washer loads for laundry last night, just tossing them in a laundry bin and getting the next load on while the very first of the dozen or so loads was still drying. My washer has a much shorter cycle than my dryer does – by a long shot. I can get three to four loads going through the washer before the dryer is even done the first one. So today I was at least (and this is the point I was getting at) productive in the manner of dryer loads during the day. Although that is going to affect my hydro bill a little bit.

Big B’s television burnt its tubes yesterday too so last night I lent him our bedroom television for his use until we can replace his. The sad part is that thing is over 15 years old and was given to him by my mother in law as an inheritance. She passed away in 2004. This January 8th will be 6 years since my mother in law passed away. Where does the time go to, honestly it feels like sometimes I’m on fast forward.

Coffee tastes funny from distilled water. It seems so much less robust. Well at least I don’t have to deal with the lack of water anymore. It was interesting today to kind of rough it with the water source. Two 10L bins of water and a great teaching tool for the three older kids on how much we rely on it being brought to us rather than having to go get it for ourselves. I think it brings a bigger appreciation for the fact that we don’t have to travels miles and miles to a clean water source like others have to do in other countries. It became a whole big discussion on how much we use, how we can reduce that amount we use and how lucky we are. It really brought out some good points for the kids to learn about.


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