Whittemore Peterson Institute

This is the institute that was backed by private money to do research on CFS, ME and Fibro. They are the ones that the new studies on the XMRV (retro virus in the same class and family as HIV, third retro virus to be discovered in human medical history) and the implications on Fibro, CFS and ME patients and studies.

They are also slated to have a CFS blood test within the years end (I believe 2010) that will forever change the face and times of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients and subsequently, Fibro and ME patients too. The studies and work being done are looking very promising and very positive. I am pleased to have witnessed this new coming of age for the chronic pain community at large. I never though I would be alive long enough or around long enough to see this day.

If you are a fibro patient, CFS or ME patient please feel free to add your data to their research databases. You can find it in the Patient Resources on their site here: http://www.wpinstitute.org/.

I hope to see more progress in leaps and bounds as the year 2010 begins and winds its way through the daily grind of the passage of time. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens and where we go with all of this.

If you need support you can come to Lori’s Place where all chronic pain patients gather around to commisserate, get together and talk about the illness. http://www.lorisplace.org


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