Adults Behaving Badly

I swear some adults behave worse than kids do. I’ll never get how an adult can justify bad behavior to themselves with “I was just joking” or “No offense meant”. Honestly, do they really think saying that justifies the bad behavior at all? It’s still bad behavior whether it was meant or not.

A lot of the adults I’ve run into over the years think it’s funny to laugh at the expense of others. I don’t. I’ve seen it time and time again on forums, chats, emails, the list goes on. Some say it’s human nature, I say it’s a choice. Especially in the virtual world where some people feel the cover of being behind a computer screen gives them precedence to treat others however they want to treat them. It doesn’t. Bad behavior is bad behavior – end of story.

Like recently, I seen this one person degrade another person on a forum board right out in the public eye. It’s suppose to be a support board. Calling them a scam artist and laughing at how they supposedly outed themselves as a scam artist. Now that other person being degraded still reads there and still posts there occasionally. It doesn’t matter what one would think of another person, there are just some things better left unsaid and some behaviors we should put ourselves above doing.

We all make this mistake sometimes, maybe it is part of our “human nature” to go off the deep end and rant, saying things we may or may not regret or shouldn’t say at all. Still doesn’t make it right. I’m no innocent myself, I’ve flubbed over the years in saying and doing stuff I really shouldn’t have said or done but I’ll own my words and actions any day. If someone says they didn’t like it, by all means I respect the honesty from the other person and I’ll apologize if it’s genuinely needed and I do mean my apologies.

There are times though where confrontational aggression are warranted. There’s a time and place for that type of behavior too. I call people on their bad behavior, every time without fail. I’ll even call myself on my own bad behavior when I realize I’ve been behaving badly. There is just way too much lack of respect, integrity and honor these days that to add it to the pot of society and Internet culture is akin to dropping your pants and taking a crap where you eat. If bad behavior is the “norm” these days it’s a sad, sad world we live in.


One Response to “Adults Behaving Badly”

  1. melismean Says:

    I agree! One thing that I admire is that you call people on their bad behavior if necessary. This is something that many adults, including myself, never do for fear of confrontation. But then we turn around and talk about them behind their back, which is also mean! Adult meanness can be so subtle it is scary! I so wish you had contributed to the anthology ‘Memoirs of Meanness.’ I would have loved to get some more stories about adults being mean. Thanks for posting!

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