Daily Dealings

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve. Once again, as a parent, I’m doing exactly …nothing. Just a night in like any other night. We’ve never really been drinkers at all or party people either. We’re a homebody kind of people, we prefer to ring it in quietly with the quality of personal togetherness.

I have a few new year resolutions. I’ve already started on two of them. Getting my oral health back to healthy and subsequently my over all health. I’ve started down that path already. The second is not letting annoying people annoy me. Letting the little stuff go and letting it slide off my back (for the most part). The third is not so easy. Quiting smoking (again). I had a quit date of January 1st but I doubt I’m going to make that quit date at this point, yet. I’m trying but it’s been difficult to say the least.

My hopes and aspirations for the new year are another thing I’m looking forward to as well. Acquiring new clients for the year 2010 is the top of the list, being successful in the self employment program with Ontario Works and EI. Getting that capital loan for the business and continuing on with the current clients. Getting better at budgeting because who doesn’t always need to improve. Maintaining the current status quo of the household daily life and keeping a clean home as per usual.

The daily grind of our household is always a chaotic one I’m hoping this year we can learn to slow down and reduce chaos in the house. This means establishing a better routine in our household and we’ve already started that as well. With chores for the older ones, separated bed times for the two younger ones and hopefully, soon it will all pay off in the end.

I’ve also vowed to holler less, I’m trying. Honestly I am. It’s difficult not hollering with a few of the kids especially when some days I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall. I don’t claim to be perfect of course and it’s something we are all working on.

Every day is a struggle and a step closer to a better way whether it’s parenting, personal growth or house hold growth. Have a happy and safe new year my dear friends. May all your aspirations, hopes and dreams come true this year.


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