Post 200

Well, how fitting for New Years Day to make my 200th post on this blog. Occasionally I look back at past posts I’ve made over the last few months just to review some of the things I’ve posted about. For my 200th post it’s only fitting I tell you more about me.

I was born in Quebec, Canada (Montreal)
I’m the daughter of a print pressman (foreman)
I have one sibling, my sister.
Between my sister and I (and our husbands) we have 10 children all 9 years of age and under.
I fluently speak 3 languages (ASL, French and English) and understand 7.
I have a bachelors in Office Systems Management and Hyper Multimedia Design.
My husband is a high school drop out with an IQ higher than mine (his is 187 mine is 132).
My children were all named traditional Gaelic (Irish) names.
When we named our oldest we had no idea his name meant “The Brother” – How ironic that we unknowingly named him The Brother and he now has 4 younger siblings. I do believe in Fate.
I’ve had an adverse reaction to Tetanus vaccine in 2004. I no longer vaccinate.
I’m in the small percentage of the population that has a cytokene storm reaction to Hep B, causing my blood work to look like I was exposed to Hep B rather than vaccinated for it.
I never drank coffee until I moved to Ontario and met my husband. I hated coffee before that, then he introduced me to Tim Horton’s coffee – I’m now a coffee fiend and addict.
I used to study Shaolin Kempo and Choi Ley Fut.

I’m still amazed at how many hits and people read my blog. I never thought that this blog would be marginally successful let along moderately so. I started this blog with the intentions of just blogging like any other person would. Didn’t think it would be all that interesting to over 47, 000 people. It shows how small our world has gotten with technology and that we could all literally be in each others virtual “backyard” staring at each other and wondering what the other person is thinking collectively.

So here’s to the first day of 2010 and here’s to another 200 posts to come!


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