Cold, Cold, Cold

I foresee a few more main pipe bursting situations before this winter is over here in Elliot Lake. It’s -40 C with the wind chill factor right now. Very cold, to the point that every time my door opens the temperature in my house drops a few degrees for about 20 or 30 minutes.

I remember in my childhood going through blistering winters of -50 C in Quebec. Snow as high as house rooftops, buried cars along the streets. I even remember the ice storm of ’98, a week and half of no power and cooking on camping stoves and the fireplace we had going 24-7 for nearly 11 days or so. Going out into the cold to pick up camping foods and sleeping under a dozen blankets at a time.

Right now, my hubby is out there in the cold freezing his butt off doing boosts and towing. I feel so bad for him, he was called out at the crack of dawn for 4 calls back to back and all 4 calls were boosts. In this weather, even the best vehicles don’t start. Heck, even our well maintained Dodge Caravan had a little sputter this morning, but it still fired up. The truck he drives is over 20 years old and has to be plugged in otherwise even it’s diesel engine won’t start at all.

Tim Horton’s coffee is the order of the day and bundling up in sweaters is a must around here. No skivvies for the kids like they normally do in the warmer weather that’s for sure. Every time the door opens the kids complain about it, I don’t blame them at all – I’m complaining.

I think living in the GTA area has softened my resolve on the colder temperatures I grew up with. I’ve become less accustomed to it. I suspect a few more winters like this and I’ll build up a resistance to it again, hopefully. Maybe.


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