The Learning Channel

I have to say I’ve become very disappointed lately in the TLC network. I think it started a long time ago with programming like Baby Stories and Jon & Kate Plus 8. The massive exploitations of people on that network programming is astounding really. They now have a show called Obese & Pregnant.

It’s rather ridiculous if you ask me on how they portray these women, it’s entertainment only to them. It portrays these women in a not so nice light. Using them for ratings and exploiting them for profit. Was anyone surprised? Not really surprised here personally – apparently money makes for pretty good inspiration for networks like this.

I haven’t really watched TLC in a very long time because of my pure disgust with the way the programming has gone downhill. It’s like they are grasping at the last straws, trying everything and anything without regard in how it hurts other people or takes advantage of those people.

I’ve recently seen reactions to the Obese & Pregnant program. It’s quite disturbing, reactions of “Fat people don’t have a right to be concerned for their health” or “Fat people shouldn’t get pregnant, they have no right”. It rather critical and I don’t think TLC really cares either what the reactions of their viewers are because the majority of those viewers are watching it to wrinkle their noses in disgusting curiosity – it’s like the neck swivel at a car wreck scene. You try to look away in disgust but you just can’t bear not rubber necking it as you pass by.

I think it’s very sad that media has taken something that is a sensitive topic and made it into an entertainment circus ring. It’s horrible how people are being treated and used in this manner. Those in glass houses should never be the first ones to throw stones.


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