Working From Home

It can be difficult working from home, especially during the school holidays. The chaos that ensues when one has five children running around the house. It’s hard to draw and design graphics with a 2 year old clinging to your arm or a 4 year old screaming by you when you need to concentrate on detailed work.

The noise level in my house is always dialed to the highest possible levels except for when the kids are at school. It’s amazing the difference between them being at school or daycare and being home. When 4 o’clock rolls around on school days that’s when nothing work related won’t get done. At least not until 9 PM anyway. By then I’m tired, worn down and I still have work to do. Emailing clients, doing touch ups on graphics, building a few more for other clients. Free sketching ideas and fleshing out some portfolio mock ups. Building my invoices, tweaking business plans and desktop publishing work. The work amount never ceases.

Then there’s still the house work to do, the laundry, dishes, bathroom clean ups from baths earlier in the evening. My own dinner, tidying the house. None of this ever stops and most of it is quite over whelming. Then there is the personal things I like to do – my writing for instance. I haven’t found time to really write at all lately and it’s a bit of a downer. I don’t even watch television anymore. Not even the 2 hours a week I used to watch, I just don’t have time to do that right now.

I run the household and I run a business. The two blur together into one congealed mass of a creature. If someone tells you that it’s easy as pie to run a home business – they are lying. It’s no easy task at all. It takes self management, time proficiency, a good understanding of responsibilities to both yourself and your clients. Just finding freelance work is a job in itself really let alone completing the project you find and freelance.

It’s not easy coping with the day to day tasks of a house hold that has a business attached to it but it is rewarding and fulfilling when you find ways to balance it and become successful at it. It’s a slow and steady progress that can be both frustrating and inspirational.


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