I just got wind from family that the houses that have 2 houses (one behind the other) and 2 barns still stands. Those are the set that are on the other end of the house and barn that were demolished recently. The demolished ones, or semi demolished ones had the driveway with the row of tress on each side (remember the little dark haired girl I saw in one of those trees) and a set of rocks at the end of the drive way as you come in. Well the ones I’m talking about are at the opposite end of Kirby (sic near the Selena tombstone and the tunnel). Those, apparently still stand though are aging quite badly and not weathering well.

I see people are still very interested in Kirby Rd. I get regularly anywhere from 15 to 25 hits on the Kirby tag alone on my blog, a day. Like I said the last time I don’t have much more information than what you’ve probably already read here. I’ve heard of several other rumors that run along the same lines of the original rumors I blogged about. Like the red truck being the father of the murdered daughter running her down because he was a KKK clansman and she was dating a black man against his wishes. I don’t think there’s much truth in that one really although the KKK does most likely exist here in Canada too. It is also very possible that there is some seed of truth about the KKK activities around the Kirby Rd area, it can happen anywhere but I doubt it because there would have been something, anything in news archives for the area and I’ve found none whatsoever.

Even an article on a truck\father running down a daughter without mentioning the KKK would have been in some archive somewhere. You’d think anyway. I still suggest a good flashlight, good pair of boots and remember it’s not a public piece of property – do consider that you are breaking laws and trespassing which I don’t recommend or really condone. It’s always better to get permission to enter property but be damned if I know who actually owns that piece of land or those structures out there. If anyone knows drop me a comment if you could. If I find any updates on the Kirby phenomena I’ll be blogging about it.


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  1. Link to a blog site containing the obit/article of Selina De Gasperis’ death.

    NOT MY BLOG!^^^

    I’d only visited these sites in the past, closer to 2004-5, and I had never looked much further in to any of this beyond the urban legends I’d heard from local kids. When I did visit the site, though, the only curious “apparition” we encountered was something I had overlooked at the time. The site with the chicken coop, well, said coop contained what must have been two dozen chickens. Myself and a friend of mine saw them running about in a frenzy, toppling over eachother as we drove alongside the coop. Yet, the vehicle of friends following closely behind us saw no such thing, we all just assumed that the property must have been inhabited by SOMEone reaponsible for feeding those chickens, so we left. The blockades were up, and “Do not enter” signs were prevalent. It didn’t make any sense at all.

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