I find it interesting how people act online as compared to offline. It’s like two different people for some. The most vocal, obnoxious and annoying people online can be the most shy, withdrawn and quiet people I have ever met. I just don’t understand how people can be so different in the two “worlds that collide” in peoples lives.

I’m pretty honest about who I am. I am a vocal, obnoxious (at times) and rudely truthful person (again, at times) online and offline. If I’m wrong, I’ll own my “shit” as the saying goes. If I’m right, I don’t rub it in either. I just find it fascinating the different personalities of people, the sociopathic psychology of it all (and “they” say we all have sociopathic tendencies, each and every one of us).

I think it becomes more fascinating as I continue on in my research for a book I’m writing called Rip Me to Pieces about a sociopathic serial murderer and rapist. How upbringing, society and personalities collide with each other to create the perfect sociopath. What factors apply, what variables – makes you wonder about the people around you with that kind of research one does. It has always been intriguing to me, psychology and psychiatry. Finding out what makes people tick, what makes people do the things they do just grabs my attention wholly and utterly.

I’m always trying to put two and two together with people, why one thing annoys one person but doesn’t for another. Why some have hot topic buttons that really boil their blood while others not so much. Even for myself, what makes me tick. Why do some things push my buttons and others don’t. It’s not only a journey in how others think, feel and act but how I, myself think, feel and act and why.


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