Non-Fiction Book

I’m, for the first time, considering writing a non-fiction book. I’ve got a title and an idea that I think will really fly. My husband has been in the towing industry for 5+ years and some of the stories he comes home with have made my cry, laugh and down right shake my head going wow.

I’m going to call it Towing The Line : Stories From The Towing Industry. Of course, names, places and dates will not be mentioned or will be changed to protect both the innocent and not so innocent. I’m looking forward to my Husband, his boss and my best friend from Texas (shout out to Todd) telling me all their stories and me writing them down and piecing it all together for this book.

That means that not only am I writing a non-fiction book, I’ll be ghost writing for the first time too. Two firsts with one stone. I’m hoping readers out there will be as excited to read it as I am to (ghost) write it. My husband seems to think it’s a great idea. If any other tow truckers out there want to add their two cents and stories I’d be honored to have them. Of course you get credit for it, you can always email me the stories : weareamped at gmail dot com.


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