Writing in Taboo

There are some really taboo subject matter in the publishing world that most writers won’t touch. Myself, I have a work in progress with a rape in it, I have one with a somewhat incestuous (Brother\Sister – Adults) situation going on. I’m not one for taboo being taboo. At least not for me. Mind you it’s not about the act of rape or incest, it’s the power struggles, the emotions involved, the act itself is but a mere piece of the puzzle. The over lying issue at the top of the more turbulent murky waters beneath. The monster under the bed compared to the one that lays dormant in some or all of us.

The human psychi, as complex as it is, is about Ego, Id and power. The power to control our environment, ourselves and possibly others around us. The power to love and hate, the power of emotions. Even the power of a good romp in the hay mutual or otherwise. Rape and incest are, admittedly, two different things in some situations. Incest between siblings can sometimes be (like in my work in progress with the adult siblings) the power to control their environment and bodies where normally they could not. Retaliation in a way. Rape is always about power over another person, the act is just the end result of the power struggle between the people involved.

It’s rather fascinating to watch my characters in their world – breaking taboos and doing it with big wide grins on their faces all the while.


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