A New Milestone – Stitches

Well, we’ve hit a “milestone” of sorts tonight with the kids. My oldest (Big B) had to have 4 stitches in his forehead tonight. He was goofing with his best friend Little Man from next door (Big B was sleeping over there) and with Little Man’s mum’s back turned they had a wee bit of an accident and Big B hit his noggin on the corner of the partial wall that separates the living room from the kitchen. These walls have corners that are metal reinforced.

I have to admit, I’ve had a pretty good run of no stitches (which is surprising with 5 kids in the household) for the last 9 years. Papa Bear said that he had to hold Big B down (grrr, not something a Mama Bear wants to hear) because he tried to get up in the middle of it and walk out the ER doors he was so scared and freaked out. He’s doing fine, no real big damage and has a neat story to tell his buddies at school about getting stitches and how Papa Bear took him out to McDee’s for their version of a Blizzard.

It was an accident, accidents happen. He’s no worse for wears and he seems pretty stable emotionally about. In fact laughing at how silly the accident was and how it could have been avoided. My proudest moment though, he kept his cool when Little Man’s mum’s back was turned and not in the immediate room and called me right away (I’m next door) when he couldn’t have access to Little Man’s mum right away – he kept his wits about him, so did Little Man and his mum took the phone and informed me that Big B was indeed bleeding quite good, I went over, checked it (stopped bleeding by then) and said, yup – needs stitches. Had to call Papa Bear in from an OPP pick up (towing) at an accident site which meant we had to wait for Papa Bear to finish the pick up but the boss said get your Big B to the ER after this and don’t call me until you are done with Big B at the hospital (awesome boss).

All in all, a pretty calm “milestone” of stitches for Big B. I wonder which kidlet will give me a heart attack next. Stitches come out on Thursday (6 days from today) too. Big B said : you were right Mama Bear, we shouldn’t horse around like that and no more running around the house too because accidents CAN happen.

(he’ll be running around the house at break neck speeds within the week *wink*)


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