Fellow Fibromite Blog

A fellow fibromite has a new blog that she could use some help with. She’s looking for guest bloggers, stories from other fibromites and chronic pain patients. Please take a peek at her blog : http://thefibrolife.wordpress.com/

She’s been ordered by the doctors to start looking for alternatives to income due to her illness taking it’s toll and she has two beautiful daughters to think about. Any suggestions, help or stories you have please send them on over to her to help her out. Good luck to you my fellow fibromite, I hope this post helps you out!


2 Responses to “Fellow Fibromite Blog”

  1. Thank you so much…it really hits home these days when you think you can no longer count on your friends and family (they just don’t ‘get’ it) and a perfect stranger reaches out to help…gentle hugs to you.

    • 😉 No problem, as a fellow fibromite I know what it’s like to get the “you don’t look sick” comments. I’ll do anything I can to help, I have almost 50,000 hits and quite a few regs in my blog that I know of. I’m glad to be of help, ask when you need it.

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