Late Xmas Gift

Well, turns out my hubby got his Nikko 450 pre amp and amp after all. He picked them up today as his late Christmas gift (only almost a month late). He’s playing with it now downstairs and making a racket. I’m hoping my neighbors don’t get to nasty about it and call the cops on us. They already did this to another neighbor not that long ago.

Big B is out on his sleep over he was suppose to have yesterday with Little Man. Beaner has a friend over, J tonight. I had 7 kids in my house (admittedly 5 of them were mine) eating Papa Bear’s famous lasagna. We made a batch for Little Man, his Baby Sissa Bear and his mum. They’re going through some rough moments right now so we’re doing our best to make the transition easy for all three of them. I enjoy “Bulldog” and her company (apparently a nickname she picked up in her teens from friends – it’s fitting with her personality, she’s very Mama Bear like I am). Great lady, wonderful mum and impressive person – I couldn’t ask better of a friend.

Littles are still enjoying their daycare, getting along well. Although, my 4 yr old has taken to regressing (part of her PDD NOS) backward to diapers at night and part of the day (naps at daycare). It’s frustrating, this is the 3rd or 4th time she’s regressed for potty. I know I have to be patient with her. She’s also taken to biting lately when she’s frustrated, not using her signs or what words she does have. She bites Boo Boo (2 yr old) a lot lately. Not very nice at all right now.

Got the fur brat his new yearly dog tags this week, I was helping out with SAD for selling on the last day that it was 15 dollars instead of 30. Now I don’t have to worry about it so much and don’t have to spend more on it. Fur brat has already cost me 250 dollars in the last 9 months for “dog at large” issues and playing fur Houdini.

Papa Bear is working a lot lately, busy as a bee. I’ve been a little slow with work but I’m sure it’ll start picking up soon. I’m not worried at all yet. That’s it for updates for now, Big B is still doing awesome with the stitches and doing very well both physically and emotionally.


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