Freelance Work

It can be difficult to say the least, freelancing in any industry. Especially when there are kids at home on weekends and time sharing of the computer. My hubby is a tow truck driver but he also freelances as a deejay while I freelance as a graphics designer. Some projects for both of us require the larger screen or the larger drives on the tower computer. Not an easy task when both of the freelancers in the house need the same system to work with.

The laptop is good for quick, easy graphics designing needs and the tablet makes it a breeze to do them. The only problem with the laptop is the screen size and coloring of the display when tilted the wrong way and it gives me a doozie of a headache if I work too long on the laptop. Both systems have the materials I need for work but the tower with it’s 19″ screen.

Finding and getting freelance projects are also a full time job. It’s amazing how much competition is out there. People who’ve been doing it longer than you, people who have more equipment and capital than you do, sometimes (and I will admit this) more talent than you do (sic than I do).

It’s frustrating in the slow months to sit there and watch all the good contracts go out to those who get awarded those contracts. It’s always for the best though, customer is the one who matters more than the freelancer does. They must feel comfortable and at ease with the person they are working with for their graphics needs. Then there’s the issues with weekend working (which I had the luxury of doing this weekend) with a myriad of children both my own and not my own running in and out of the house and rooms. Very interesting to work with that much noise factor, that much chaos.

Uniquely, I thrive on chaos and noise though. It’s almost calming until it hits monsoon proportions though. That’s my limit, the unnecessary monsoon style noise, screaming or shrill shrieks that just stimming me right out.


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