Would You Do It?

Lynn Gilderdale – She suffered from ME (myalgic encephalopathy, a chronic pain disease). Her mother assisted in her bid to end her life successfully. Out of the love and sacrifice of self her mother chose to help her end the suffering and pain that Lynn was going through. She was bed ridden, unable to sit up with out losing consciousness, in complete utter pain from every breath, every movement, every hiccup or sneeze. Could not swallow anymore (had a NG tube) and required what we call here a main line (pic line) for medications.

Lynn chose to end her life rather than suffer the inevitable and impending indignities of dying frail and very sick. She led a life lacking of quality. I’m a fibromite, I also have costochondritis, scoliosis and IBS. If ever I were to come to that stage where I am degraded and devoid of quality of life I would do the same. I don’t know if I could ask my mother to assist me or my husband or one of my children (surely an adult by then I hope) – I don’t think I could ask them to hold that over their heads or have my “blood on their hands” so to speak. It would be selfish of me, not the act of suicide but the act of expecting a loved one to assist one in ending ones own life.

No, I would not ask them nor expect it of them. What I would expect is my own wishes to be respected. If I were in Lynn’s situation, with no quality of life and no end to the suffrage of a disease that rips the body apart but shreds the soul even more then I would expect my family and friends to respect my wishes to die by my own hand, while I still had some dignity left. I would rather die in dignity by my own hand than die by a disease that rips apart your sense of self, your mind, your soul and any sense of individualism and dignity. Suicide is not always wrong in some situations, it is sometimes the only solution to releasing someone of an ache far greater than the destructive disease shows. When it’s time to go home and the body and mind can’t seem to follow that, it’s only our right as individuals to say I’m ready to go home now and go at peace, surrounded with love.


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