Duma Key

I have been enjoying what little reading I can get in lately. I’ve been reading Duma Key by Stephen King. I find it interesting how the duality of the book reminds me of King’s own experiences with an auto accident and the main character’s construction accident. The emotional and mental issues that are prevalent in most accident victims lives runs parallel in the plot of the story.

I love the references of art (sic drawing) to the art of writing, the pain that is involved in both. I also like the fact that King sticks to the age old adage of “write what you know”. He knows about the emotional turmoil of the art of writing, he knows about the mental depression of accident victims (being one himself). He knows the parallels of artistic medium and how they cross each others paths.

I’ve always loved King’s penchant for descriptors. It puts me, as the reader, right in the middle of the story. It makes me feel part of the story and Duma Key is living up to that beyond my wildest expectations. Then, I’ve always been a King fan and have my father to thank for my love of King’s work. I know not every reader likes extreme descriptions that can take multiple pages to read. It’s a personal preference like a good cup of coffee.


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