Vaccination Without Doctor Consent


The article, done by a nephrologist (kidney specialist), has me highly disturbed. I’ve never made it a secret that I am against vaccination without consent or informed consent. I’m pro informed choice myself. I don’t vaccinate and that’s my given right as a Canadian because of our Charter of Rights treating vaccines like a procedure rather than medications that can scripted or over the counter (good lordy, imagine vaccines as an OTC in any pharmacy – that would be horrible).

I find it deplorable that hospitals are taking policies like this and allowing pharma representatives to walk into a patient room and dump their product selling directly on their “consumer” rather than the medical field. This means they are directly marketing vaccines to the “consumer” because we all know they aren’t patients to Big Pharma, they are a business. A for profit business not a medical institution, making these in hospital, sick patients their direct consumer of product they shamelessly peddle – it’s like hospital room door to door sales tactics.

It sickening to me because I highly doubt that sales pitch rep is giving the whole story, just re-spewing “statistical” data (I quotation mark that because those statistics are skewed, we’ll never know the true numbers ever) from the CDC, WHO and their own, for their own interests, studies in their pharma facilities. Honestly, if a doctor came to you with their own interests of a study they set up, are running and wanted you to take a medication that they invented without proper information or knowing what it was – would you take it? If you asked for the information and were not provided that information with a resounding “no you can’t have it” would you still do that study with that unknown and unnamed medication?

Let’s take it a step further – your doctor tells you you need an operation for XYZ. He tells you it needs to be done but stops there. Doesn’t tell you why you need it, if there are any complications or tells you there are none and then proceeds to put you in an environment of salesman to customer – pitching the surgery at you like you are shopping around – would you be comfortable doing that XYZ operation with no idea or information on it?

Then why do we treat vaccines like this – it’s a medical procedure, a medication. Albeit, a preventative one but still a medication. This is the wrong way to advocate for ourselves, our families and the communities we live in. We need to inform ourselves of all pros and cons. Not just what they want us to hear or see. It’s up to us to make the informed consent – not some Big Pharma sales rep, not some hospital, not some doctor or nurse.

We all research our televisions, cars, phones, computers before we buy and yet this is just a luxury. We have no luxury to turn back the clock when it comes to our well being and over all health. Our actions are permanent when it comes to our over all health shouldn’t we take the time to understand what it is we are doing medically to ourselves before we do it?


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