I have to say I’m usually a brand name loyalist here but I’m rather disappointed with Acer products and disenfranchised with them. My laptop is only 6 months old (give or take a week or two). I bought it in August and I now have a severely large area in the bottom left hand corner of the screen that is made up of both dead pixels and stuck pixels.

I’ve contacted the company and they’ve asked me to send in a photograph of the laptop screen. Now when I say I’m disenfranchised with the product I’m not saying (as of yet) I’m disenfranchised with the company. So far they are dealing with this issue with the most care possible. However, I’ve seen horror stories of weeks and weeks of waiting for a manufacturing repair on a product. I can’t afford that kind of a waiting game – this laptop is my life, my business and my line of communication. Everything is on this laptop though backed up in many different media formats from DVD RW to flash stick and click drives as well as remote server back ups through Carbonite.

My life’s work is on this hard drive and I’m hard pressed to allow someone I don’t know even come near it, heck I have a hard time sharing this nifty little lap computer with my own husband and hum and haw and grumble when he asks to borrow it. Granted, we do have the tower as well but my love affair with the laptop has pushed my dislike of the tower computer into high gear. It’s to the point I can barely manage to type well at all on the bigger keyboard that is set up on the tower computer. I’ve grown accustomed to the tightly spaced and smaller version on the laptop.

It’s almost like a favored lover, the warmth of the laptop on my thighs and the perverse difference in the clackity clack of the keyboard. Even the cumbersome mouse on the laptop has become a preferred method of movement within the operation system of my virtual life. I certainly am guilty of coveting greedily of my laptop. It’s quite the sordid affair.


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