Sign Language

Sign Language is a whole culture not just a language. I invite you to enter my world, my language, my life.

It’s a website with easy lessons to learn some of the language of sign. Body language and non-verbal communication (as you’ll see in some of the videos) is a very integral part of the culture of sign language. Without it the signs don’t convey emotion much like tone and inflection in the voice of a person. The website has an extensive database of various signs in alphabetical order and full two word and three word phrases.

One of my favorite shows CSI: NY had an episode with a deaf actress (you’ve seen her in a lot of movies and television shows) whom I admire and have come to enjoy watching ply her actress trade. She’s an amazingly inspiring woman and never let her lack of hearing deter her from doing what she wanted and what she loves.

Marlee Matlin has always been a favorite of mine. She’s expressive, beautiful and confident in everything she does. For more on Marlee check out the IMDb profile on her work and personal stats:


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