Face Meet Forehead


It seems my 9 year old doesn’t get what it means when I say he’s bigger and stronger than his 2 year old (almost 3) brother is. He was spinning him around in circles this afternoon and the 2 year old’s mouth met my 6 year old’s forehead full force in mid spin. Tore his upper frenum (aka frenellum or that little flap under the lip that connects the lip to the gums). It bled, it swelled and it is a complete tear.

I went and looked it up knowing already that there was likely nothing to be done but watching for infection. My 2 year old didn’t even really cry when it happened at all. So away I went to Uni of Google and found this from “Cyber Dentist”:


To my relief, I was indeed correct. Nothing can be done, the torn frenum would be observed if anything and I would be told to use children’s tylenol to help reduce pain or children’s advil to both reduce pain and swelling (ibuprofen is an NSAID, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). Hence forth, he has been given children’s advil, a icy pop and a cold cup of apple juice with a straw and has now laid down for a nap. All I need to watch for is infection and to watch how much it swells. Admittedly I was very close to running him into the emergency room but it seems it would have been a knee jerk reaction.

I did confirm this piece of information with a city pediatric dentist and my former maximillian surgeon (thank goodness T.O. dentist work on a Saturday). A set of long distance calls that were well worth the peace of mind. Thank you to “Cyber Dentist” for putting up the post on his blog – it eased a very worried mama bear’s mind greatly.

Also turns out, it’s a very common toddler injury. Especially when they are learning to walk, ride a bike or just plain old running around and take a spill. It will reattach itself and heal with in 5 to 17 days.

Still nerve racking as heck though.


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