Head Covering

My Irish ancestors did it. They started doing this in the 10th\11th century as a way of denoting married woman from young unmarried woman or child. The men did it for political reasons. Barraid (Barret) means of government position. Barrets showed the political standing of men while veils or head coverings showed a womans marrital status.

I do it for two reasons myself. One – like the symbolism of my wedding band, head covering is a way of honoring my marriage. Two – To quietly worship my beliefs and multi-theistic “religion” (prefer the word philosophy). I’m a Pagan, actually I’m a Druidic Celtic Shaman by beliefs and I’m a solitary, eclectic practitioner.

I have Universalist ties (UU) and basically practice alone without a coven or group. I honor my ancestors and my deities by covering my hair to show symbolic respect for them. It’s an honoring of the past, the present and the future. The travels of the Life Tree and River of Time.

There are several online stores you can purchase head coverings from like Modest Needs, Coverings by Deidre (one of my favorites) and many, many others. My favorite coverings are bandanna style or tichels.


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