Child Disability Tax Credit

I want to share with you, my fellow Canadian parents that have children with documented disabilities, information on the ASCD and CDTC. One is the monthly disability benefit while the other is for your income taxes at the end of each year. First off you need the CDTC before you can get the ASCD.

On the CRA site they have a run down of what you need to do after the diagnosis of a child’s disability by either a psych pathologist or psychiatrist. Sometime an occupational therapist, behavioral specialist or speech pathologist can do this as well as your general practitioner, a nurse practitioner or any other authoritative medical professional with background in child mental illnesses.

Links of use:

Child and Family Benefits From the CRA
Persons with Disabilities From Canada Gov Site
For Children in Ontario From Provincial Site

T2201 Form

From CRA site on ASCD aka CDB

The T2201 is what the medical professional who diagnosed your child will fill out on your behalf and give to you to give to either your tax prep service or accountant who does your taxes. This will be filed with the CRA and they will determine your ASCD\CDB amount based on your CTTB (child tax benefit, more specifically the NCTB part of the CTTB). It’s a grueling and lengthy process just to get the diagnosis let alone the wait game for much needed disability funding from the government. They don’t generally deny children, not that I’ve heard of, the way they do adults the first go around.

I hope this resource help some of you out there. Brooke is about to have her ASCD\CDB & tax credit done for her on Monday by her psych path. We found out that she is functioning at the level of a 1 to 2 year old even though she is almost 5 years old. The diagnosis is firmly Developmental Disability and Intellectual Disability (probably due to the oxygen deprivation she suffered at birth) with possible PDD\ADHD\ODD and severe speech delays\disabilities. She will need life skills teachings more than academia. She will be going to the special education school called RockHaven in Espanola instead of the normal neuro-typical public school.

It’s nice to finally have the name of what is going on but it’s hard at the same time to stare at that label given to her on paper. I wish she was “normal” for her sake but this is who she is, what she is and she will excel because I’ve always said that one is not the sum of their disabilities but their disabilities are their abilities.


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