My Heart is Heavy

The no kill shelter I work with pro bono through my business Amped Designs took a hard blow this weekend. Brandi (Goddess love her) discovered one morning this past week that someone had dumped a chow mix dog over the shelter fence. She also discovered that this dog was extremely starved, neglected and sick. Roy, what a blessing he is, made the time and effort to rush the dog to the vet in an attempt to save her life. Unfortunately, yesterday the vet had to humanely euthenise her because she was just too sick and too neglected to be saved.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, we at SAD are all in tears for a dog that no one wanted to love. We loved her instantly, we loved her because no one else wanted to, no one else cared to. She was beautiful, though I did not meet her. Brandi named her Honey – so appropriate for her. In life she suffered but in death she was surrounded by people who cared, who loved and who were touched immensely by her presence. Rest in peace Honey Child, you no longer will suffer the pains of this plain of existence. The Creatrix has called you back to her bosom, may your plight and death teach us all a good lesson – a lesson of caring more than we have as a human species for those without a voice.

Please take the time to view our dedication & memorial page at SAD. We’d also like to invite you to help through SocialVibe to feed neglected and abused animals that require a special diet to help them heal and get better. It costs you nothing but a little bit of your time. Click the link below the youtube video and donate today in honor of Honey.


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