Day One: A Photo of Yourself & Ten Facts

10 Facts

1. I will, hopefully, be going back to school after 14 yrs for a course in Technical Writer

2. I battled and still do battle depression. I’m winning a little every day

3. I’m a survivor more than people think I am. If they only knew.

4. I’m a published author. 4 short stories in the horror genre

5. I struggle with low self esteem & self worth. I need reassurance a lot

6. I didn’t know I could forgive so willingly and easily like I found out I could in January

7. I’m a perfectionist and afraid of failure

8. I love working with my hands as much as I do my mind

9. I am addicted to INK aka Tattoos, I have 6 tattoos so far

10. I am deathly afraid of cotton balls, they make noise, they make me gag just seeing, hearing or feeling them


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