Day Six: A Photo of Someone You Love

Love is something that can forgive the unforgivable.

Love is listening to the needs of the one you love and not dismissing them.

Love is fulfilling those needs without having to be asked.

Love is hearing without words being spoken.

Love is romanticising the every day mundane.

Love is compromise.

Love is being able to tell the one you love what your needs are.

Love is sharing your dreams, desires and aspiriations without judgement, compromise or fear.

Love is dedication.

Love is unwavering.

Love is not taking more than you need.

Love is giving what the other person needs without giving too much.

Love does not give up in the face of it’s advisaries.

Love does not allow others between it and what it loves.

Love conqores everything in its path with grace, tenderness and compassion.


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