Ashley Madison ..

Been watching the Ashley Madison thing unravel the last few days. I have to admit I smirked about it at first. I abhor cheating behaviour. I can’t stand liars, cheats and manipulators.

I’m of the mind set that what you reap is what you sow. However, there is a person I know that did not sign up for AM and had their identity stolen. There will be the exceptions to the rules.

I’m harsh when it comes to cheaters. Very harsh.

My view is no one made you sign up (except for the few exceptions to the rules. AM never did verification of emails apparently).

As for the suicides, 2 so far, as much as that is tragic those people chose to handle it that way (unless they are that exception to the rule…then that’s more than tragic).

As for who is responsible…I think AM is fully and completely responsible. Responsible for not having better security on their site. Most likely they chose to ignore the lessons of the heart bleed bug incident and still used open source SSL. That’s called greed.

Secondly, they charged for a service they didn’t actually provide. 20 bucks to scrub all your info from their servers when they actually didn’t do that. That was the underlying reason why Impact Team released the file dump. To “teach” AM a lesson.

Never heard of Impact Team. Makes me wonder if the talk about it being an inside job might actually have merit. Considering a few years ago AM had one of their tech guys hack the competition. What they did with that is beyond my knowledge but it is kind of ironic AM execs are crying over the very thing they themselves did to another company.

I believe AM is fully intentionally criminally negligent. The hackers certainly hold some responsibility but a different kind (though I can’t help giving them a thumbs up for outing a buttload of cheaters and enablers of cheaters) and the cheaters themselves…well I’ll go back to my original statement… You reap what you sow.


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